I’m getting married this winter!

10466967_732074783544644_7538043068533151665_o“All I want is for Cristhmas youuuuuu!”
There is no more beautiful Christmas gift for lovers than get married in December!
Is not it?
No, maybe not, not for everyone.

There are still many reservations about the choice of getting married in the winter months, because the cold is seen as an enemy, a killjoy, a Gargamel that disturbs the happiness that we associate with the milder temperatures.

1524264_736494953102627_2441917431610541247_oBut we do not want to convince you that the wedding at zero degrees are more romantic, or more beautiful or more … whatever else, those spring or summer.

We simply want to tell you that they are DIFFERENT. But equally magical and exciting.

10848916_731622663589856_5807001431699779854_oEach season enchants with its unique charm, but to us, people of the sea – you know! -, Just raise the nose up and see the yellow disc that comes off of the blue, or feel pleasant tickling sea breeze in nostrils, to be happy! And we imagine that one of the most radiant days of our lives can only be kissed by a hot sun and a gentle gust, wriggling on the skin.

Yet according to various legends, December, for example, is the month that ensures, to the couple who gets married, eternal love.
(Do not underestimate!)

10869820_732075183544604_1337277495217094324_oPut it this way: in the winter, we free ourselves from the great fear that unites all spouses of spring and summer, the bad weather! Whatever happens, the marriage will be designed to take place inside. Will hail, shower, open up the land, but you and your guests continue to live your moment fairy, protected inside a lounge winter, warm, friendly, bathed in white or golden light, wrapped in the warmth of the flames of an incredible fireplace.

Second point: do you want to create a special set design? The winter season offers different and suggestive cues, as compared to other times of the year. The desire for warmth, intimacy, gathering around a table lit by candles, the pleasure of conviviality and food, are all elements that facilitate the work of decoration, with amazing results.

Many of the most beautiful flowers, like the tulip fringed, live with the cold; you can mix the elegance of classic white flowers for the wedding to hawthorn, holly, evergreen, pine branches and fir to be decorated with ribbons of tulle or velvet. Or dare glittering decorations gold or silver, or choose a theme such as snow, and make everything FROZEN (think of the joy of your little guests! They will be crazy!!!) in a fantastic air, with ice, snow, candles, moss …

10869375_732075480211241_6151184760224778152_oAnd then in the winter there is a greater availability of location for the reception; luxury hotels and historic homes, given the large availability of dates, are not economically prohibitive!

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