Boho chic: the new trend of the wedding!

2015wedding-bohoboho-chic-wedding-tuscanyEnthusiasm, a guitar, music non-stop, nature and many colors. This is the spirit of a wedding Boho – Chic!

Because the ” Boho ” is a condition! It is not only a great artistic theme; it is much more. It is a way of being.

Boho is the black sheep, rebel and unconventional! Boho is the bride who does not give up to mess up her hair by the wind and by hugs. Boho is the bride that for anything in the world would wear high heels in her best day, because she must be able to run towards happiness.



Boho means freedom. It’s a violin playing on a lawn, surrounded by warm smiles, illuminated by the joy of being together.

A Boho – Chic wedding has a hippy and gypsy soul, decidedly eco-friendly, that loves retro and vintage elements, reinterpreted in a modern and chic key.

0732de55105a32742886d0e989207c87bohemian-wedding-0014It is bohemienne because the protagonists are flowers, expression of a free and wild spirit. But simple flowers, that you can pick in the fields!

“Bucolic fluency”: this is the watchword! Everything is soft and cozy, like the suit of the bride, dressed in soft and graceful fabrics like chiffon, elegant and suave even in bare feet or with flat sandals, and a wreath of flowers in her hair.





Diapositiva3Despite all each element must be chosen and positioned ad hoc: tablecloths , adorned with flowing fabrics, the centerpiece handmade with all products of nature. A typical menu of the area, fresh and genuine. And then flowers, even flowers and candles and essences, and sounding trees, with little bells that decorate the branches.

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