Dreaming of the lake

There was a lake.

That one «which extends towards the south, enclosed by two unbroken chains of mountains».

And there was a boat, which broke the blue, breaking the haughty landscape reflected beneath us, mixing the colors with our emotions.

And there was our rustling hair, disheveled by a wind that pushed awe and uncertainty away, and it told us the incipit of what would have been the adventure of 15 women on Como’s Lake.

Under a majestic sky of march palpitant with blue, my heart throbbed too. I have traveled the world, I have seen wonderful places but I will never forget these three days.

“Dreaming of the lake” was a splendid event, never realized before. And for the first time, I was able to enjoy as a guest (and not as an organizer) a dream experience.

Andrea Naar Alba, a young event planner, like me, organized it. She has gathered together the 15 most talented Italian wedding planners (an honor, for me, to participate) to think about weddings, about Italy Inspires, about beauty and dreams, with a lucid and pragmatic look. As I like it, as, in my small way, I tried to give strong legs to a dream, my dream, with the concrete rationality of a mechanical engineer.

I spent three very intense days. We ventured into a cooking and wine tasting course and lived an incredible experience with Mantero seta, where we made a scarf.

I have reflected and learned many new things.

It was nice to be able to share doubts, uncertainties and difficulties with other wp.

Because I understood, we understood, that they are the same for all. For me, living and working mainly in Puglia, as for those doing it in Lombardy. Each of us has been able to learn something from the others, we have created cohesion on different themes, and laid the foundations for creating an association that protects our profession, at a national level.

While we filled our eyes with wonders – because the Grand Hotel Tremezzo really is the symbol of excellence of Italian hospitality – we have woven our experiences and what has come out of it is certainly the importance of never ceasing to form ourselves, each compared to the peculiarities of its belonging, because Italy is unique and fabulous for its diversity, for the amount of scenic and monumental wonders that no other country has in the world, for our cultural and artistic wealth, for food and wine excellence. All aspects to be valued, elements that have always been able to seduce foreigners.




I came home with a much heavier backpack than I had at the start, full of new ambitions and desires.

I thank Andrea and my colleagues, Monica Balli, Giorgia Fantin Borghi, Sara Carboni, Alice Fognani, Anna Frascisco, Silvia Galli, Cira Lombardo, Sara Pietrelli, Monia Re, Roberta Torresan e Alessia Santa.

This story began on Como’s lake but its chapters are still to be written.

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