blogdilifestyle_a8cdd86371882e6d1de951096e2fd9b7“Marriage is a right for all. Because love does not do differences. ”

In Italy the issue of same-sex marriage has long been at the center of strong debates, but still has not managed to legalize marriage between two people of the same sex.

4557314077_pro_gay_marriage_rights_design_xlargeMore and more couples organize their wedding abroad, where countries such as Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Canada and Mexico, allow to fulfill a dream that is also a right.

Is love different between two people of the same sex ? Their love is an explosion of colors and simple promises. About love, indeed.

Do you remember the inaugural address for the second term in the White House of the president of US, Barak Obama?


blogdilifestyle_f92162be2a8564e2ec3b5579c0f81f45Well, he addressed the American people with these words: “Our trip will not be finished until our omosexual brothers and sisters will not be treated like others before the law. We must ensure that these words, these rights, these values of freedom and equality become a reality for every American. […] This is the task of our generation. ”

This is also one of the tasks of Evedding…

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