Religious, civil marriage or candles rituals?

417379_10151027611139894_461964786_nWe know very well the solemnity, magical and enchanting , of a religious ceremony.

Who has never moved during a wedding? It ‘s almost impossible don’t cry!

The groom, with eyes bright and passionate, takes the trembling hand of his girl; everything around them disappears, because their world is all there, on the mystic altar. The priest pronounces the phrase, that became free, and begins its run, reverberating on the walls, on the ceiling, between the benches … And starts tears and sobs!

This is very exciting, there is no doubt about it.

This is one of the reasons why, in the past, the civil ceremony has less success than religious one: too cold and formal for romantic souls.

In the past … but today civil marriage no longer means only affix signatures on a contract and contain “yawns” between the reading of an article and the other of the Civil Code.

The “script” allows ample side for intervention, and civil wedding can be even more lyrical than religious ones.

A pagan and symbolic rite very touching, that is taking place in our country, is the one of the candles. It is not just a ” trick ” to stretch a short function; it is really a poetic and exciting liturgy.

cerimonia-candeleAt the beginning of the ceremony a member of each of the two couple’s families, light a small candle – a gesture that represents the love and blessing of the families of origin for the new home that will be born with the wedding.

Then after the reading of the marriage vows or after the exchange of rings, the couple will use these two candles to light a third candle, that representing the new union.

There is no rule; the atmosphere born by the choices of bride and groom. May take place all in silence, giving voice to the gestural symbolism. Or you can accompany the ceremony with readings, recited by the officiant or by a friend, or by the spouses.

So if you have been invited to attend the civil marriage, our advice is: do not forget your handkerchiefs!

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