The most beautiful cakes in the world

10912382_10153079471429894_545339630_oIt is just the latest gem of a scenic structure that always wants to be amazing, and yet everyone waiting for it with some trepidation, as if every previous detail had been designed and built in its function.

As all star likes to be desired and appear when the crowd is now focused exclusively on its entrance .

The most important moment of a wedding party is the wedding cake one!!


Maybe because it always has been , since the time of the ancient Romans , when they used to break and crumble a sheet of grain on the head of the bride to ensure fertility , but even today the cake remains the undisputed Queen of the show , continuing to exercise his charm .

You can imagine (you know it very well! ) The load of expectations that the spouses have in the poor pastry chef!

Engage in this enterprise , in fact , is not for mere mortals , whereas often these cakes are real masterpieces of fine pastry.

1381363_668725326546257_56125260761147723_nWe have seen so many types around the world.

These cakes defy the law of gravity , have color combinations that force artists to work as alchemists with dyes and fragrances.

The more ” strange ” are the English and American types , where they want to impress at all costs on their wedding day with the utmost originality. But in recent years the creations with multiple levels, or cakes with a “theme “, have spread also by us.

10401591_668725389879584_8621777586022598204_nThey Can be cupcakes , cookies ensemble , decorated with flowers , or all white , round or square , covered with cream or sugar paste , they are sculptures , so beautiful to be to be afraid to cut and ruin them.

We wanted to call this article ” The cakes finest in the world “, but when we were writing , thinking of our travel , our marriages , we realized that each cake is always the most beautiful in the world , because it is born both from the love of two souls that merge into something more beautiful of the individual parts that make it up – just like the ingredients to make a wonderful dessert ! – and from the passion of an artist . Because a pastry chef  is an artist, isn’t it ?

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