Wedding celebrant: the only professional figure capable to create a personalized and unforgettable ceremony

Wedding celebrant: the only professional figure capable to create a personalized and unforgettable ceremony

If your idea is not to get married in a church but in a suggestive place with breathtaking views, you must also think about who to entrust the celebration of your wedding. Here then comes a figure of fundamental importance: the wedding celebrant.

Civil and symbolic ceremonies are on the increase. The newlyweds begin to prefer stunning location, pristine white beaches and woods to pronounce the fateful “Yes, I do!” moving further and further away from the classic church wedding. Thus, the need to rely on a professional figure to celebrate the ceremony also necessarily comes: the wedding celebrant.

wedding celebrant

Wedding Celebrant: the inevitable professional for a tailor-made ceremony

Once chosen the day, the place, the wedding theme and the type of ceremony, comes the time to choose the one who will make unforgettable and exciting the moment of your “Yes, I do!” Here’s come the celebrant. It is precisely this professional figure who, together with the couple, will build their special moment, sewing precisely on them, on their history and their affections the whole celebration.

wedding celebrant

For this reason, the wedding celebrant must connect, meet and known the future newlyweds during the months preceding the big day. In this way, she will be able to realize the speech and the rite tailored for them.

Moreover, today in Italy, where wedding celebrant, is one of the most requested figures, both for the civil and symbolic wedding of Italian couples, and also for the world of destination wedding couples, especially by those who have to convoke in second marriage, for de facto couples and atheists.

Silvana Di Niso, the Italian wedding celebrant for your wedding

Thus, Silvana Di niso, the visionary wedding planner from Apulia has expanded her services to become a professional wedding celebrant. It has been formed for a long time, studying in depth the traditions and distinctive characteristics of every cultures.

Thanks to her abilities, to her formation and empathy that she manages to bring out with every married couple, she is able to give life to civil or symbolic ceremonies, unique in their kind and all to be lived in the deep, between emotions, smiles and emotion.

wedding celebrant

Whatever your desire, it is therefore fundamental to entrust oneself to a trained and prepared celebrant.

And, Silvana Di niso wedding celebrant knows this very well, so she will accompany you from the first meeting, starting from you and your needs, in the creation of your personalized ceremony.

Silvana di Niso as you wedding celebrant will take care:

  • to plan the ceremony,
  • to create texts tailored for you,
  • to involve guests (if you wish so),
  • to celebrate with professionalism your great day.



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